Linear Magnetic Drives and Linear Eddy-Current Brakes

are first choice for all applications where
Safety and Durability and Reliability are top priority.

e.g. in Amusement Rides

Faster, higher, more breath-taking. Acceleration and speed are the decisive factors today, inevitably linked to the commercial success of an amusement park.

However, above all fun, first priority is absolute safety for the passengers. Small wonder that six out of seven top attractions world-wide use either fail-safe InTraSys eddy-current brakes or InTraSys linear drives or both.

e.g. in Transportation Engineering

Hybrid drives combine the conventional wheel/rail system with the advantages of linear drives. The linear motor helps to overcome inclinations. Eddy-current brakes enhance safety. Wisely combined, significant cost savings can be achieved. The time between trains using the same rail gets much shorter and the return of investment of the new track is strongly improved.

Automated multi-storey car parks benefit from the high reliability of the linear drive system. This reduces maintenance cost. Furthermore, linear drives are much more compact than conventional drives, the car park’s packing density increases.

Mine railways operate reliably and brake safely – even in humid or contaminated environments like salt mines. This reduces the cost of ownership and keeps the tourists happy.

e.g. in Industrial Environments

Pallets move by ghost hand and get to their exact destination.
Construction companies for exhibitions become real ‚magicians‘ as heavy objects are moved by invisible, inaudible drives, hidden in the stand’s false floor.

Museums are extremely happy with the absolute freedom to safely move heavy objects in any direction.

e.g. in Building Services

Vertical lifts in tall buildings work without cables – firewalls can be located at any position and prevent the infamous chimney effect. Eddy-current brakes deliver 100% operational safety. A real innovation, 150 years after Elisha Graves Otis.