Automated multi-storey Car Parks

Downtown building ground is limited and quite expensive – but the number of cars there is increasing almost all over the world.

Automated (robotic) multi-storey car parks are the intelligent solution to missing parking spots downtown.

They don’t need much space, parking and picking-up of cars is extremely simple – and the nightmare of ‚picking up your car during the night in a dark car park‘ simply disappears by principle.

It is not only that conventional drives need more space – they also need continuous maintenance and care.

InTraSys Prolim drives are maintenance-free and much more reliable.
The complete integration of the drive into the driveway allows for a higher packing density.

Using a matrix arrangement, one or several car pallets can be moved quickly and precisely in any direction – completely without jerks in order not to trigger alarm systems. The car pallets are passive and do not need any power supply or cables running back and forth. Even heavy sedan cars are moved gently and with absolute precision.

The control is centralised in a control room. All sensors, control electronics and power supplies are stationary and will not travel.

Turn-key solutions for multi-storey car parks using InTraSys Prolim drives are supplied by our partner companies.

Automated multi-storey Car Parks
Automated multi-storey Car Parks

Hybrid Drive for Transportation Engineering

Hybrid drives have less problems at inclinations und shorten the time between trains (above) – RailCabs: Private transport on railroad tracks (below).

Hybrid drives combine the conventional wheel/rail system with the advantages of linear drives. Using state-of-the-art control electronics, hybrid drives allow for a number of completely new approaches in rail traffic:

  • The wear-free and non-contact linear drives allow for high acceleration and travelling speed.
  • There are simply no traction problems at inclinations.
  • Linear drives also decelerate the vehicles safely and reliably – regardless of the environmental conditions.
  • Braking energy can be rear fed into the power supply network.
  • The drive is controlled by a reliable and safe, centralised control system.
  • Allows for a shorter time between trains and thus for a much higher track throughput.
  • Puts private transportation on (public) railroad tracks (RailCab).
  • Hybrid drives can move heavy objects without any jerks. This makes them ideal for marshalling yards.
  • The University of Paderborn (Germany) has started a project called
    Neue Bahntechnik Paderborn to further investigate the technical potentials and possibilities of hybrid drives. InTraSys supplied the Prolim linear drive system for the project.
Neue Bahntechnik Paderborn
Neue Bahntechnik Paderborn