InTraSys supplies Linear Drive for Inland Vessels

InTraSys supplies Linear Drive for Inland Vessels DST’s inland vessel simular in Duisburg, Germany.

One of the big risks in inland waterways is a collision during fast overtake or passing manoeuvres. In order to prevent these situations, the Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems in Duisburg, Germany (DST) has been carrying through studies regarding the shallow water hydrodynamics and flow conditions around the hull in fairways with restricted depth and/or width using model ships on a 1:12 scale.

InTraSys developed and installed the linear drive system that accelerates the models and keeps them on an absolutely constant speed for more than 100 meters. DST’s installation is unique and was covered by an editorial in the August issue of British trade magazine „Ferry Technology“.

More details can also be found in the German professional magazine „Konstruktion“, Issue 9, 2005.