Our references at a glance…

  • InTraSys Prolim eddy-current brakes and the switchable eddy-current brakes by InTraSys decelerate cars and gondolas in more than 300 amusement rides all over the world.
  • InTraSys Prolim linear drives are being used in over 30 projects world-wide.

Rides with SLIM drive

2007 LSMNiederlande
2007 LSMUSAUtah
2009 LSMDeutschlandRust
2009 LSMDeutschlandSierksdorf
2009 LSMBelgien
2010 LSMVAEAbu Dhabi
2010 LSMSingapur
2010 LSMUSAPennsylvania
2011 LSMJapan
2011 LSMIndonesien
2011 LSMUSAVirgina
2012 LSMChinaWuhan
2012 LSMUSACalifornien
2012 LSMUSACalifornien
2012 ReifentestanlageDeutschlandHannover
2013 LSMChinaShandong
2013 LSMIndienMumbai
2013 LSMUSACalifornien
2013 LSMDeutschland
2014 LSMChinaNinghbo
2014 LSMSchwedenLiseberg
2014 LSMRusslandSochi
2014 LSMDeutschlandHassloch
2015 LSMVAEDubai
2015 LSMChinaShanghai
2015 LSMUSAIndiana
2015 LSMFinnland
2015 LSMUSAViginia
2015 LSMRusslandSt. Petersburg
2015 LSMMexiko
2016 LSMBelgien
2016 LSMVAEDubai
2016 LSMPolen
2016 LSMUSANew Jersey
2016 LSMUSAConnecticut
2017 LSMChinaGuangzhou
2017 LSMVAEDubai
2017 LSMDeutschlandBottrop
2017 LSMNiederlandeSlagharen
2017 LSMFinnland


A short excerpt from our reference list

1993Pallet handling system for the automotive industry
1995Linear drive and control for an automated multi-storey car park in Würzburg, Germany
1995Linear drive and eddy-current brakes for the "Superman" in California, USA
1996Drive system and eddy-current brakes for the "Tower of Terror" in Australia
1997Drive system for a mine railway in Luzern's Transportation Museum, Switzerland
1998Eddy-current brakes for the tallest free fall in Australia
1998LIM drive system for the "California Screaming" Ca, USA)
1999Linear magnetic brakes for a water coaster
1999LSM drive system and linear brakes for a big roller coaster in The Netherlands
2000LIM drive and linear eddy-current brakes for a U shape in the USA
2000LSM drive with active secondary for the experimental rail track of "Neuen Bahntechnik Paderborn" (Germany)
2000Drive concept, sensors and control electronics for a shop tow in Duisburg (Germany)
2002LSM drive for the multi-storey experimental car park in Düren (Germany)
2002Linear eddy-current brakes for the "Scream", world's tallest gyro drop in Soltau (Germany)
2002Linear eddy-current brakes for a "super-fast" roller coaster with over 180 km/h (110 mph)
2003Eddy-current brakes and switchable eddy-current brakes for a number of roller coasters
2004Linear drive system for a vertical goods lift on a special vessel
2005Linear drive and magnetic brakes for DST's fast ship tow in Duisburg (Germany)
2011LIM drive for "Big Grizzly Mountain", Honkong, China

Schiffs-Schnellschleppanlage des DST in Duisburg

Schiffs-Schnellschleppanlage des DST in Duisburg

Weiter Infos: http://www.dst-org.de

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