Linear Drive Engineering

…for high Velocities, high Forces and precise Positioning

Prolim is our brand name for linear drive systems.

Regardless whether you are using the terms magnetic motor, long stator motor, linear induction motor, linear synchronous motor or linear magnetic drive or any other – talk to us when you need a solution, tailor-made to fit your requirements and budgets. Of course, we will also supply single components for your drive solution.

  • Linear drive systems by InTraSys unleash thrust of up to 200 kN and accelerate heavy objects in seconds to 50 m/s (180 km/h or 110 mph)
  • Linear drive systems are first choice when safety, reliability and wear-free operation are the key issues
  • The objects moved (gondolas, vehicles, pallets etc.) are passive. There is no need for any power supply and cabling
  • Thanks to our well thought-out sensor and control technology, heavy objects can be moved easily and precisely positioned with very low tolerances
  • All processes are controlled in real-time from the control centre
  • Linear drive systems are the alternative, when tough environmental conditions do not allow to use conventional technology
  • Linear drives transmit the thrust directly – but without any mechanical contact to the object moved
  • By principle, linear drives do completely away with the usual draw-backs of conventional drives (like friction, wear and tear, slackness, resilience etc.)
  • In the objects moved, no sensors and no electronics are required

Our Business Activities at a Glance

  • Engineering and Consulting in the general field of magnetic technology
  • Planning and Integration of systems to solve your drive problems
  • Linear Synchronous and Linear Induction Motors (LSM or LIM) in a wide variety of nominal power and dimension
  • VFIs, perfectly fitting your drives
  • Well thought-out control systems
  • Precise Sensors
  • Understandable and proven User Interfaces and Diagnostic Tools
  • World-wide After-Sales Service provided by a network of perfectly trained partners

Further Reading

Presentation (in English language) on our linear drives and their system design for download (PDF, 320 k).