Linear Eddy-Current Brakes

…fail-safe and wear-free braking systems for high velocities

InTraSys manufacture and design linear magnetic or linear eddy-current brakes under their brand name Prolim.

Linear eddy-current brakes are used in all applications that demand a fail-safe, 100% reliable operation. Our speciality is the jerkless deceleration from high velocities when high braking forces are needed. We have more than 24 years of expertise in tailor-making 100% reliable brakes for your application.

  • Braking forces of up to 1.200 kN
  • Entry velocity of up to 55 m/s (= 200 km/h or 125 mph)
  • InTraSys linear eddy-current brakes are fail-safe (says TUEV Sued).
  • Linear magnetic brakes are jerkless. The braking force increases continuously until the braking fin has fully entered the brake.
  • Linear eddy-current brakes do not need any control and are completely independent of any other system.
  • Linear magnetic brakes are non-contact and thus wear-free.
  • Linear eddy-current brakes work reliable even under the toughest environmental conditions (e.g. in water coasters).
  • In contrast to conventional mechanical brakes, where the braking force deteriorates rapidly as humidity increases, the braking force of magnetic brakes is constant – even under water.
  • Even a lightning strike will demonstrably not make the braking force deteriorate.